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120-Sep-2014 1ML/2014-15 (Project Director cum CE/ PMU, Mega Lift Projects / Bhubaneswar)(e-Procurement) 1ML/2014-15Water Resource e-PROCUREMENT_NOTICE.pdf
211-Sep-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / Bhubaneswar R&B Division, No.II / Bhubaneswar) 02/2014-15Works 2nd_Corrigendum_RFP.pdf
303-Sep-2014 05/2014-15 (EE / Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division No-II / Bhubaneswar) (e-Procurement) 05/2014-15Works eTCN-05.pdf
412-Sep-2014 07/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION, ANGUL / TALCHER) 07/2014-15Rural Development TCN-07.pdf
506-Sep-2014 withdrawal of RFP Design,Development,Implementation of Personnel Information Management System RFP/2014-15Higher Education 20149-Tender Cancellation.pdf
612-Sep-2014 6486/2014-15 (EE / Public Health Division-III / Bhubaneswar) 6486/2014-15Housing And Urban Development e-Procurement-6486.pdf
708-Sep-2014 07/2014-15 (EE / Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division No-II / Bhubaneswar) 07/2014-15Works eTCN 7 IT deptt.pdf
811-Sep-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / Sambalpur (R&B) Division / Sambalpur) (e-Procurement)(e-procurement) 03/2014-15Works TCN-03.pdf
906-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / BALASORE) 01/2014-15Rural Development Corritendum_PWS 2014-15_Bls.pdf
1019-Sep-2014 01/2014-15.(SE / RWSS Circle / Sambalpur) 01/2014-15.Rural Development BID-01.pdf
1103-Sep-2014 RFP for Selection of System Integrator for Rollout of e-district MMP,VOL-2 OCAC-TJ-11/2012/ENQ/ 14019Information Technology Volume-II.pdf
1206-Sep-2014 03/2014-15 (Project Director-cum-CE / MEGA LIFT PROJECT / BUBANESWAR) 03/2014-15Water Resource TCN-3ML(14-15).pdf
1311-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (CE / OWS&SB / BHUBANESWAR) 01/2014-15Housing And Urban Development DTCN-P9-PS.pdf
1410-Sep-2014 21-26/2014-15 (EE / P.H. Division / Puri )(e-Procurement) 21-26/2014-15Housing And Urban Development Notice.pdf
1516-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhubaneswar )(e-Procurement) 04/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-4.pdf
1616-Sep-2014 05/2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhubaneswar ) (e-Procurement) 05/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-5.pdf
1716-Sep-2014 06/2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhubaneswar ) (e-Procurement) 06/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-6.pdf
1816-Sep-2014 07/2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhubaneswar ) (e-Procurement) 07/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-7.pdf
1903-Sep-2014 RFP for Selection of System Integrator for Rollout of e-district MMP,VOL-1 OCAC-TJ-11/2012/ENQ/14019Information Technology Volume-I.pdf
2003-Sep-2014 RFP for Selection of System Integrator for Rollout of e-district MMP,VOL-3 OCAC-TJ-11/2012 /ENQ/ 14019Information Technology Volume_III.pdf
2108-Sep-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Rairangpur) 03/2014-15Rural Development TCN-03 Rairangpur.pdf
2306-Sep-2014 01/2014-15.(EE / Minor Irrigation Division / Jajpur) 01/2014-15.Water Resource DTCN-0114-15.pdf
2420-Sep-2014 908/2014-15 (State Port Engineer / Special Relief, Odisha / Cuttack) 908/2014-15Revenue & Disaster Management TCN-908.pdf
2505-Sep-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / L.I. Division / Cuttack) 02/2014-15Water Resource TCN-02.pdf
2605-Sep-2014 02/2014-15.(EE / Rural Works Division / Kendrapara) 02/2014-15.Rural Development TCN-02.pdf
2715-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Baripada) 01/2014-15Rural Development Notice No.1.pdf
2803-Sep-2014 08/2014-15 (EE / P.H. DIVISION / SAMBALPUR) (e-Procurement) 08/2014-15Housing And Urban Development Notice No.EEPHSB-08.pdf
2917-Sep-2014 TENDER NOTICE NO.09/FOR ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FOR THE YEAR,2014-15 09/2014-15Commerce & Transport TCN_09.pdf
3012-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-I (Sundargarh & Mayurbhanj)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-1)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3112-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-II (Sundargarh, Sambalpur & Angul)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-II)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3212-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-III (Khurda)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-III)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3312-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-IV (Khurda)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-IV)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3422-Sep-2014 14/2014-15 (CE / ENGINEER-IN-CHIEF (CIVIL), ODISHA / BHUBANESWAR) 14/2014-15Works NIT-IFB-14.pdf
3512-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-V (Khurda & Puri)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-V)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3612-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-VI (Puri)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-VI)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3712-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-VII (Balangir)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-VII)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3812-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-VIII (Balangir)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-VIII)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
3912-Sep-2014 05/Project/RCS(Cluster-IX (Rayagada)) 05/.2014-15(Cluster-IX)Co-operation TCN-05.pdf
4020-Sep-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / Rural Works Division / Kendrapara) 03/2014-15Rural Development TCN-03.pdf
4111-Sep-2014 13/2014-15 (CE / ODISHA SPACE APPLICATIONS CENTRE / BHUBVANESWAR ) 13/2014Science And Technology corrigendum.pdf
4203-Sep-2014 2833/2014-15 (Project Director / ORISSA STATE AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY / BHUBANESWAR) 2833/2014-15Health & Family Welfare 2833.pdf
4303-Sep-2014 2835/2014-15 (Project Director / ORISSA STATE AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY / BHUBANESWAR) 2835/2014-15Health & Family Welfare 2835.pdf
4405-Sep-2014 14/2014-15 (EE / Sundargarh Irrigation Division / Sundargarh) (e-Procurement) 14/2014-15Water Resource TCN-14.pdf
4508-Sep-2014 02/2014-15 (SE / RWS&S, PMD&I Circle / Bhubaneswar) 02/2014-15Rural Development EOI-02.pdf
4620-Sep-2014 08/2014-15 (SE / P.H. Circle / Bhubaneswar )(e-Procurement) 08/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-8.pdf
4720-Sep-2014 09/2014-15 (SE / P.H. Circle / Bhubaneswar )(e-Procurement) 09/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-9.pdf
4820-Sep-2014 10/2014-15 (SE / P.H. Circle / Bhubaneswar )(e-Procurement) 10/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-10.pdf
4915-Sep-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division No- III / Bhubaneswar)(e-Procurement) 03/2014-15Works ETCN-03.pdf
5016-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha, Cuttack)(84-D) 01/2014-15(84-D)Home TCN-01.pdf
5116-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha, Cuttack)(85-D) 01/2014-15(85-D)Home TENDER_SOG.pdf
5216-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha, Cuttack)(87-D) 01/2014-15(87-D)Home TENDER_SIGNALS.pdf
5316-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha, Cuttack)(86-D) 01/2014-15(86-D)Home TENDER_SECURITY_WING.pdf
5416-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha, Cuttack)(83-D) 01/2014-15(83-D)Home TENDER_SFSL.pdf
5508-Sep-2014 11/.2014-15 (CE (Civil), Odisha / Bhubaneswar). 11./2014-15Works 1st_Corrigendum_RFP.pdf
5620-Sep-2014 11/2014-15 (SE / P.H. Circle / Bhubaneswar )(e-Procurement) 11/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-11.pdf
5708-Sep-2014 600/2014-15 (DIRECTOR / STATE BLOOD TRANSFUSION COUNCIL, ODISHA / BHUBANESWAR) 600/2014-15Health & Family Welfare TCN-600.pdf
5820-Sep-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / BALASORE) 02/2014-15Rural Development TCN-02.pdf
5906-Sep-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / R.W.S & S Division / Koraput) 03/2014-15Rural Development TCN-03.pdf
6019-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / R.W.S & S Division / Koraput) 04/2014-15Rural Development TCN-04.pdf
6118-Sep-2014 05/2014-15 (EE / R.W.S & S Division / Koraput) 05/2014-15Rural Development TCN-05.pdf
6209-Sep-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / Jagatsinghpur Irrigation Division / Jagatsinghpur) 02/2014-15Water Resource TCN-02.pdf
6320-Sep-2014 02/2014-15 (SE / Southern Minor Irrigation Circle / Berhampur) (e-Procurement) 02/2014-15Water Resource TCN-02.pdf
6415-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / L.I. DIVISION / BALASORE) 04/2014-15Water Resource TCN-04.pdf
6514-Oct-2014 05/2014-15.(EE / RWS&S Division / Phulbani) (e-Procurement) 05/2014-15.Rural Development Notice_No.5_RWS&S Division-Phulbani.pdf
6614-Oct-2014 02/2014-15.(EE / RWS&S Division / Rourkela) (e-Tendering) 02/2014-15.Rural Development TCN-02.pdf
6714-Oct-2014 01/2014-15(EE / RWS&S Division / Rourkela) (e-Tendering) 01/2014-15Rural Development TCN-01-Sundargarh.pdf
6825-Sep-2014 TCN for purchase of Weapon Training Simulator 95-D/2014-15Home BPSPA_2014 15.pdf
6910-Oct-2014 02/2014-15 (SE / RWS&S Circle / Koraput ) 02/2014-15Rural Development BID_NO_02.pdf
7017-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / RURAL WORKS DIVISION-II / KENDRAPARA) 04/2014-15Rural Development 1st. Corrigendum DTCN KPD 04.pdf
7117-Sep-2014 167/2014-15 (PROJECT DIRECTOR / ORISSA STATE AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY / BHUBANESWAR) 167/2014-15Health & Family Welfare NZIT-167.pdf
7224-Sep-2014 10/2014-15 (Director / Printing, Stationery & Publication, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 10/2014-15Commerce & Transport TCN-10.pdf
7311-Sep-2014 TCN / 2014-15.(DIVISIONAL MANAGER / OFDC Ltd. / Bhubaneswar) TCN / 2014-15.Forest & Environment RUBBER_NOTICE-2014-15.pdf
7422-Sep-2014 Tender Call Notice for Republic Day Tableaux - 2015 TCN./2014-15.Information & Public Relations 8390 (1).pdf
7514-Oct-2014 952/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 952/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_Wi-Fi LAN_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf
7624-Sep-2014 955/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 955/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_Office Auto_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf
7720-Oct-2014 953/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 953/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_Enterprise GIS RFP_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf
7820-Oct-2014 954/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 954/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_GAGAN GPS PDAs_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf
7927-Sep-2014 Tender for lab equipments Agriculture TCN./.2014-15.Agriculture TCN.pdf