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107-Mar-2015 02/2014-15 (Municipal Commissioner / BMC / Berhampur)(e-Procurement) 02/2014-15Housing And Urban Development 1st_CORRIGENDUM.pdf View Details
204-Mar-2015 7ML/2014-15 (PD-cum-CE / Mega Lift Projects / Bhubaneswar) 7ML/2014-15Water Resource BID-7ML.pdf View Details
302-Mar-2015 31/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division, Jajpur / Chandikhol ) 31/2014-15Rural Development BID-31.pdf View Details
410-Mar-2015 171/2014-15 (SE / North Eastern Rural Works circle / Keonjhar) 171/2014-15Water Resource edpdf_PDF_DEST_L00177_2015_2_171.pdf View Details
512-Mar-2015 For Supply and installation of Hybrid Planetarium System & artificial dome for Planetarium building PSP/001/2014-15Science And Technology TENDER_PSP_2014-15.pdf View Details
609-Mar-2015 01/2014-15 (CHAIRMAN-CUM-MD / OBCO Ltd./ Bhubaneswar) 01/2014-15Works BID-01.pdf View Details
711-Mar-2015 08/2014-15 (EE / RWSS Mechanical Division / Bhubaneswar) 08/2014-15Rural Development CORRIGENDUM-1.pdf View Details
816-Mar-2015 21 / 2014-15(EE/RWSS Division/ Malkangiri) 21 / 2014-15Rural Development 526.pdf View Details
911-Mar-2015 32/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Jajpur) (e-Procurement) 32/2014-15Rural Development TCN-32.pdf View Details
1007-Mar-2015 16/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Dhenkanal ) (e-Procurement) 16/2014-15Rural Development Tender Call Notice-16.pdf View Details
1104-Mar-2015 01/NCB (W)/2014-15 (PD/OCTDMS-cum-Special Secretary to Gvot./DoWR) 01/NCB (W)/2014-15Water Resource NCB.pdf View Details
1216-Mar-2015 15/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Sundargarh) 15/2014-15Rural Development TCN-15.pdf View Details
1316-Mar-2015 16/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Sundargarh) 16/2014-15Rural Development TCN-16.pdf View Details
1403-Mar-2015 TCN for providing of Manpower to Directorate of State Institute of H&FW,Odisha for One year 777/2014-15Health & Family Welfare Outsourcing Tender (Revised).pdf View Details
1507-Apr-2015 05/2014-15(EE/Harabhangi Irrigation Division/ Adava) 05/2014-15Water Resource TCN-05.pdf View Details
1602-Mar-2015 14/2014-15(EE/RURAL WORKS DIVISION-II/ KENDRPARA) 14/2014-15Rural Development NIT-14.pdf View Details
1728-Feb-2015 05/2014-15 (SE / RWS&S, PMD&I CIRCLE / BHUBANESWAR) 05/2014-15Rural Development DTCN_BOQ-05.pdf View Details
1804-Mar-2015 05/2014-15 (Deputy Director/ R.D&Q.P, (R&B), Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 05/2014-15Works BID-05.pdf View Details
1903-Mar-2015 817/2014-15 (Director/ State Institute of Health & Family Welfare, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 817/2014-15Health & Family Welfare TCN-817.pdf View Details
2028-Feb-2015 10/2014-15 (EE / M. I. DIVISION GANJAM-I / BERHAMPUR) 10/2014-15Water Resource TCN-10.pdf View Details
2103-Mar-2015 13 / 2014-15.(EE / RWS&S.Division / Koraput) (e-Procurement) 13 / 2014-15.Rural Development TCN-13.pdf View Details
2210-Mar-2015 RFP for Supply&Installation of Infrastructure for Digitization of Affidavits Commission of Inquiry OCAC-SEGP-INFRA-0081-2014/ENQ/15003Information Technology Tender_HW_Additional_Itemv2.0.pdf View Details
2309-Mar-2015 03/2014-15.(SE / K B K MINOR IRRIGATION CIRCLE-II / JEYPORE) 03/2014-15.Water Resource BID-3.pdf View Details
2428-Feb-2015 03/2014-15 (EE / Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division No.I / Bhubaneswar) 03/2014-15Works T.C.Notice-3.pdf View Details
2511-Mar-2015 10/2014-15 (EE / Director / Ports & IT, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 10/2014-15Commerce & Transport IFB-10.pdf View Details
2628-Feb-2015 24/2014-15 (EE / Sundargarh Irrigation Division /Sundargarh) 24/2014-15Water Resource TCN-24.pdf View Details
2709-Mar-2015 33/2014-15(EE/RWS&S Division/ Phulbani) 33/2014-15Rural Development e-procurement_Notice_No-33.pdf View Details
2809-Mar-2015 15/2014-15 (EE / Rengali Dam Division / Rengali) 15/2014-15Water Resource TCN-15.pdf View Details
2903-Mar-2015 168/2014-15(EE(C) / DIRECTORATE OF FISHERIES , ODISHA/CUTTACK) 168/2014-15Fisheries & Animal Resources Development TCN -No.168.pdf View Details
3011-Mar-2015 28/-2014-15(EE/RWS&S DIVISION/ ANGUL) 28/-2014-15Rural Development Ist_Corrigendum.pdf View Details
3107-Mar-2015 33/2014-15(EE/R.W.S & S Division/Jajpur) 33/2014-15..Rural Development TCN_NO-33.pdf View Details
3202-Mar-2015 21/2014-15(EE/ Sambalpur (R&B) Division/Sambalpur) 21/2014-15Works TCN_No-21.pdf View Details
3307-Mar-2015 386/2014-15(S.E/ RWSS CIRCLE/KORAPUT) 386/2014-15Rural Development TCN-386.pdf View Details
3407-Mar-2015 207-D/2014-15 (AIG of police / D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha / Cuttack) 207-D/2014-15Home Letter_No.7145.PDF View Details
3507-Mar-2015 208-D/2014-15 (AIG of police / D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha / Cuttack) 208-D/2014-15Home Letter_No.7180.PDF View Details
3610-Mar-2015 11/2014-15 (SE / Eastern Circle / Cuttack) 11/2014-15Water Resource Tender_Call_Notice-TAL-05.pdf View Details
3713-Mar-2015 21/2014-15 (EE / Bargarh (R&B) Division / Bargarh) (e - Procurement) 21/2014-15Works TCN-21.pdf View Details
3803-Mar-2015 1852/2014-15 (MD / OLIC Ltd. / Bhubaneswar) 1852/2014-15Water Resource TCN-1852.pdf View Details
3911-Mar-2015 04 / 2014-15.(EE / M.I.Division / Malkangiri) (e-Procurement) 04 / 2014-15.Water Resource TCN-04.pdf View Details
4020-Mar-2015 34/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division, Jajpur / Chandikhol) (e-Procurement) 34/2014-15Rural Development TCN-34.pdf View Details
4111-Mar-2015 11/214-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Rourkela ) 11/214-15Rural Development TCN-11.pdf View Details
4228-Feb-2015 16/2014-15 (P.H.Division / Sambalpur) (e-Procurement) 16/2014-15Housing And Urban Development Notice No.EEPHSB-16.pdf View Details
4307-Mar-2015 17/2014-15 (P.H.Division / Sambalpur) (e-Procurement) 17/2014-15Housing And Urban Development Notice No.EEPHSBP-17.pdf View Details
4407-Mar-2015 05/2014-15(SE/RWSS Circle/Koraput) 05/2014-15..Rural Development TCN_NO-386.pdf View Details
4531-Mar-2015 22/2014-15(EE/RWS&S Division/ Sundargarh) 22/2014-15Rural Development TCN-22.pdf View Details
4631-Mar-2015 23/2014-15(EE/RWS&S Division/ Sundargarh) 23/2014-15Rural Development TCN-23.pdf View Details
4711-Mar-2015 01/2014-15(SE/(Cuttack Circle) /Cuttack) 01/2014-15..Water Resource TCN.pdf View Details
4828-Feb-2015 15/2014-15 (EE / WORKS DIVISION-II / KENDRPARA) 15/2014-15Works NIT-15.pdf View Details
4910-Mar-2015 02 / 2014-15(EE/MINOR IRRIGATION DIVISION/ KHARIAR) 02 / 2014-15Water Resource TCN-02.pdf View Details
5009-Mar-2015 52/2014-15(EE/P.H. Division/ Puri) 52/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-52.pdf View Details
5113-Mar-2015 05/2014-15(SE/SOUTHERN MINOR IRRIGATION CIRCLE/BERHAMPUR) 05/2014-15.Water Resource Notice.pdf View Details
5220-Mar-2015 Tender for supply of RAW MATERIALS AND CONTINGENT ARTICLES to Government Ayurvedic Pharmacies TCN-/2014-15,Health & Family Welfare Tender_Raw_mattarials_14-15.pdf View Details
5303-Mar-2015 22/2014-15 (EE / RWSS Division / Malkangiri) 22/2014-15Rural Development IFB-22.pdf View Details
5411-Mar-2015 11/2014-15 (EE / M.I. Division, Ganjam No.II / Berhampur) (e-Procurement) 11/2014-15Water Resource BID-11.pdf View Details
5527-Mar-2015 09/2014-15 (SE / RWS&S Circle / Cuttack) 09/2014-15Rural Development BID-09.pdf View Details
5603-Mar-2015 01/2014-15 (SM / OCC Ltd. / Telengiri Earth Dam Project / Barinipput) 01/2014-15Water Resource QCN-01.pdf View Details
5703-Mar-2015 05/2014-15 (EE / L.S.Q.C. & Design Division / Balangir) 05/2014-15Water Resource QCN-05.pdf View Details
5817-Apr-2015 03 / 2014-15.(EE / Main Dam Division / Burla)(e-Procurement) 03 / 2014-15.Water Resource BID-03.pdf View Details
5916-Mar-2015 15/2014-15 (EE / Rengali Right Canal Division No-I / Baghuabol) 15/2014-15Water Resource DTCN-15.pdf View Details
6009-Mar-2015 03/2014-15 (EE / U.K. Irrigation Division / Borigumma) 03/2014-15Water Resource TCN-03.pdf View Details
6116-Mar-2015 24/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Malkangiri) (e-Procurement) 24/2014-15Rural Development IFB-24.pdf View Details
6230-Mar-2015 06/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Circle / Koraput) 06/2014-15Rural Development BID-06.pdf View Details
6317-Apr-2015 02/2014-15 (EE / Main Dam Division / Burla) 02/2014-15Water Resource BID-02.pdf View Details
6421-Mar-2015 RFP for Selection of OEM for supply of Laptop Computers. OCAC-SeGP-MISC-0053-2014/ENQ/15007Information Technology Adv_15007(laptop)_2014.pdf View Details