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129-Nov-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / UPPER INDRAVATI LEFT CANAL DIVISION NO-1 / KUSUMKHUNTI / KALAHANDI) 04/2014-15Water Resource EE-LCD-1-04(2014-15).pdf View Details
229-Nov-2014 01/2014-15 (SE / UPPER INDRAVATI RIGHT CANAL CIRCLE / MUKHIGUDA / KALAHANDI) 01/2014-15Water Resource Tender SE, UIRCC, Mukhiguda-LCD-I.pdf View Details
304-Dec-2014 02/2014-15(Chief Engineer (Sewerage & Urban Drainage) /OWSSB ) 02/2014-15..Housing And Urban Development Corrigendum.pdf View Details
409-Dec-2014 10636/2014-15 (Director / I & PR Department / Bhubaneswar) 10636/2014-15Information & Public Relations TENDER CALL NOTICE-10636.pdf View Details
502-Dec-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Jharsuguda) 04/2014-15Rural Development TCN-04.pdf View Details
615-Dec-2014 10/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Dhenkanal) (e-Procurement) 10/2014-15Rural Development TCN-10.pdf View Details
705-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / RWSS DIVISION / NAYAGARH) 02/2014-15Rural Development NIT-02_2014-15.pdf View Details
802-Dec-2014 02/.2014-15(EE/DRAINAGE DIVISION/ BALASORE) 02/.2014-15Water Resource Tcn-02-14-15.pdf View Details
915-Dec-2014 15/2014-15 (Director / Printing Stationery & Publication / Cuttack) 15/2014-15Commerce & Transport Tender No.15-Paper-2014-15.pdf View Details
1001-Dec-2014 08/2014-15 (EE / P.H.Division / Rayagada) (e-Procurement) 08/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-08.pdf View Details
1101-Dec-2014 09/2014-15 (EE / P.H.Division / Rayagada) (e-Procurement) 09/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-09.pdf View Details
1201-Dec-2014 10/2014-15 (EE / P.H.Division / Rayagada) (e-Procurement) 10/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-10.pdf View Details
1308-Dec-2014 04/2014-15 (CEO / OeSL / Bhubaneswar) 04/2014-15Information Technology Oesl-04.pdf View Details
1419-Dec-2014 TENDER CALL NOTICE FOR PRE-PRINTED PERSONALISED PVC CARD 65 /2014-13638Home (Election) Tender_Call_Notice_PVC_Odisha_26_11_2014.pdf View Details
1505-Dec-2014 05/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Baripada) 05/2014-15Rural Development Notice No.5.pdf View Details
1617-Dec-2014 10/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Jagatsinghpur) 10/2014-15Rural Development 1st_Corrigendum.pdf View Details
1709-Dec-2014 19/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division, Jajpur / Chandikhol) (e-Procurement) 19/2014-15Rural Development TCN-19.pdf View Details
1805-Dec-2014 20/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division, Jajpur / Chandikhol) (e-Procurement) 20/2014-15Rural Development TCN-20.pdf View Details
1916-Dec-2014 01/2014-15 (SE / EASTERN MINOR IRRIGATION CIRCLE / KEONJHAR) 01/2014-15Water Resource TENDER_CANCELLATION.pdf View Details
2010-Dec-2014 10/2014-15 (EE / RURAL WORKS DIVISION-II / KENDRPARA) (e-Procurement) 10/2014-15Rural Development 1st. Corrigendum 10.pdf View Details
2130-Nov-2014 12/2014-15 (EE / SAMBALPUR (R&B) DIVISION / SAMBALPUR) (e-Procurement) 12/2014-15Works TCN-12.pdf View Details
2208-Dec-2014 12/2014-15 (ENGINEER-IN-CHIEF, PUBLIC HEALTH, ODISHA / BHUBANESWAR) 12/2014-15Housing And Urban Development 1St_Corrigendum.pdf View Details
2401-Dec-2014 09/2014-15 (EE /.RURAL WORKS DIVISION-II / KENDRPARA) 09/2014-15Rural Development NIT-9.pdf View Details
2510-Dec-2014 13/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION,ANGUL / TALCHER) 13/2014-15Rural Development TCN-13.pdf View Details
2629-Nov-2014 04/2014-15.(PD cum Chief Engineer / Brahmani Left Basin / Sukinda) 04/2014-15.Water Resource 1st_Corrigendum.pdf View Details
2702-Dec-2014 06/2014-15 (I.G. of Police / F.S, H.Gs & C.D / Cuttack) 06/2014-15Home TCN-06.pdf View Details
2802-Dec-2014 18/2014-15 (EE / P.H. DIVISION, BHANJANAGAR / CHATRAPUR) (e-Procurement) 18/2014-15Housing And Urban Development TCN-18.pdf View Details
2908-Dec-2014 09/2014-15 (EE / R.W.S & S Division / Koraput) 09/2014-15Rural Development TCN-09.pdf View Details
3008-Dec-2014 09/2014-15 (EE / R.W.S&S. Division / Sambalpur) (e-Procurement) 09/2014-15Rural Development TCN-09.pdf View Details
3104-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / MINOR IRRIGATION DIVISION / BALANGIR) (e-Procurement) 02/2014-15Water Resource TCN-02.pdf View Details
3202-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / M.I. Division / Balasore) (Part-2) 02/2014-15 (Part-2)Water Resource TCN-02(6).pdf View Details
3312-Dec-2014 04/2014-15 (SE / Southern Minor Irrigation Circle / Berhampur) (e-PROCUREMENT) 04/2014-15Water Resource SESMIC-04.pdf View Details
3504-Dec-2014 05/2014-15.(EE/MINOR IRRIGATION DIVISION/ SAMBALPUR) 05/2014-15.Water Resource TCN-05.pdf View Details
3602-Dec-2014 07/2014-15 ( Joint Manager / O.S.P.H.&WC / Bhubaneswar ) 07/2014-15Home BID REF NO-7.pdf View Details
3716-Dec-2014 15/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / ANGUL) 15/2014-15Rural Development TCN-15.pdf View Details
3806-Dec-2014 954/2014-15 (EE / Directorate of Fisheries Odisha / Cuttack) 954/2014-15Fisheries & Animal Resources Development TCN-954.2014.pdf View Details
3911-Dec-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / RWSS Division / Jharsuguda) (e-Procurement) 06/2014-15Rural Development Corrigendum.pdf View Details
4003-Dec-2014 09/2014-15 (EE / RWSS Division / Rayagada) (e-Procurement) 09/2014-15Rural Development RGD_DTCN1.pdf View Details
4111-Dec-2014 (Asst. Labour Comm./ Labour Commissioner, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) TCN/2014-15Labour & Employment State_Child_Labour_Cell.pdf View Details
4202-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / M.I. Division / Balasore) (Part-1) 02/2014-15 (Part-1)Water Resource TCN-NO-EEMID-BLS-2014-15.pdf View Details
4315-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / Rengali Right Canal Division No-IV / Gudiakateni) 02/2014-15Water Resource EEIV-02-14-15.pdf View Details
4411-Dec-2014 24/2014-15 (EE / Telengiri Head Works Division / Ambaguda) 24/2014-15Water Resource IFB ID-24.pdf View Details
4526-Dec-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Sundargarh) 04/2014-15Rural Development TCN-04.pdf View Details
4622-Dec-2014 13/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / BALASORE) 13/2014-15Rural Development TCN_13.pdf View Details
4716-Dec-2014 25/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Jajpur) 25/2014-15Rural Development TCN-25.pdf View Details
4811-Dec-2014 01/2014-15 (EE / MINOR IRRIGATION DIVISION / JEYPORE) (e-Procurement) 01/2014-15Water Resource TCN-01.pdf View Details
4917-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / Kalahandi Minor Irrigation Division / Bhawanipatna) (e-Procurement) 02/2014-15Water Resource BID-02.pdf View Details
5016-Dec-2014 05/2014-15 (Project Director / OCTDMS / Bhubaneswar) 05/2014-15Water Resource OCTDMS-05.pdf View Details
5116-Dec-2014 30/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Keonjhar) 30/2014-15Rural Development Bid No-30.pdf View Details
5211-Dec-2014 08/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Jagatsinghpur) 08/2014-15Rural Development 2nd_Corrigendum.pdf View Details
5308-Dec-2014 RFP for "Geo- Spatial Technology for Rural & Urban Developement" 14/2014Science And Technology Corrigendum_2.pdf View Details
5405-Dec-2014 10215/2014-15 (Director / I & PR Dept. / Bhubaneswar) 10215/2014-15Information & Public Relations TCN-10215.pdf View Details
5504-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (CE / OWSSB / BHUBANESWAR) 02/2014-15Rural Development Corrigendum.pdf View Details
5601-Dec-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Bhadrak) 04/2014-15Rural Development E-Tender -4.pdf View Details
5718-Dec-2014 07/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Baripada) 07/2014-15Rural Development BID-07.pdf View Details
5803-Dec-2014 08/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Baripada) 08/2014-15Rural Development BID-08.pdf View Details
5929-Nov-2014 11/2014-15(EE/RWSS Division/ Malkangiri) 11/2014-15.Rural Development 3575_No.11.pdf View Details
6029-Nov-2014 2378/2014-15(Joint Director/Survey & Map Publication, Odisha/Cuttack) 2378/2014-15Revenue & Disaster Management Tender call Notice.pdf View Details
6104-Dec-2014 02/DDR/2014-15(DDR/R.D. &Q.P. (R&B), Odisha/ Bhubaneswar) 02/DDR/2014-15Works TCN.pdf View Details
6204-Dec-2014 03/DDR/2014-15(DDR/R.D. &Q.P. (R&B), Odisha/ Bhubaneswar) 03/DDR/2014-15Works TCN.pdf View Details
6303-Dec-2014 04/2014-15 (DFO / Chandaka Wild Life Division / Bhubaneswar) 04/2014-15Forest & Environment TCN-04.pdf View Details
6401-Dec-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / MINOR IRRIGATION DIVISION / DHENKANAL) (e-Procurement) 03/2014-15Water Resource NIT-03.pdf View Details
6505-Dec-2014 RFP for Engagement of agency for mapping of Industries in Odisha RFP/2014-15.Industries IPICOL Advt..pdf View Details
6620-Jan-2015 29161/2014-15 (Addl.DGP-cum-IGP & DCS, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 29161/2014-15Home Short Tender Call Notice - 29161.pdf View Details
6729-Nov-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Bhadrak) 03/2014-15Rural Development E-Tender OHT-3.pdf View Details
6816-Dec-2014 12/2014-15 (EE / ? RWS&S Division / Jagatsinghpur) 12/2014-15Rural Development TCN-12.pdf View Details
6910-Dec-2014 Tender Document For Providing services of Manpower at Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar 7351/2014-15Health & Family Welfare Attendant _Peon.pdf View Details
7008-Dec-2014 03/2014-15 (SE / P.H. Circle / Sambalpur) (e-Procurement) 03/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-03.pdf View Details
7106-Dec-2014 10/2014-15 (EE / P.H. DIVISION / Sambalpur) (e-Procurement) 10/2014-15Housing And Urban Development EEPHSB-10.pdf View Details
7212-Dec-2014 11/2014-15 (EE / RURAL WORKS DIVISION-II / KENDRPARA) (e-Procurement) 11/2014-15Rural Development NIT-11.pdf View Details
7312-Dec-2014 12/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / BALASORE) 12/2014-15Rural Development TCN_12.pdf View Details
7416-Dec-2014 16/2014-15 (Director / Printing, Stationery & Publication, Odisha / Cuttack) 16/2014-15Commerce & Transport TCN-16.pdf View Details
7504-Dec-2014 01 / 2014-15.(EE / Nuapada Irrigation Division / Nuapada) 01 / 2014-15.Water Resource TCN-01(1).pdf View Details
7608-Dec-2014 25/2014-15 (EE / Boudh Irrigation Division / Boudh) 25/2014-15Water Resource TCN-25.pdf View Details
7705-Dec-2014 03/2014-15,(SE/Southern Minor Irrigation Circle/ Berhampur) 03/2014-15,Water Resource TCN.pdf View Details
7803-Dec-2014 11/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / KENDRAPARA) 11/2014-15Rural Development NIT 11.pdf View Details
7903-Dec-2014 12/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / KENDRAPARA) 12/2014-15Rural Development NIT 12.pdf View Details
8003-Dec-2014 01/2014-15..(EE / Minor Irrigation Division / Jharsuguda) (e-Procurement) 01/2014-15..Water Resource BID-01.pdf View Details
8101-Dec-2014 24/2014-15 (EE / RWSS Division / Keonjhar) 24/2014-15Rural Development TCN-24.pdf View Details
8208-Dec-2014 26/2014-15 (EE / RWSS Division / Keonjhar) 26/2014-15Rural Development BID-26.pdf View Details
8312-Dec-2014 03/2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhawanipatna) (e-Procurement) 03/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-03.pdf View Details
8411-Dec-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / R.W. Division / Puri) (e-Procurement) 06/2014-15Rural Development TCN-06.pdf View Details
8501-Dec-2014 01/2014-15 (Development Engineer / OFMRDC / Bhuabaneswar) 01/2014-15Agriculture TCN-01.pdf View Details
8629-Nov-2014 QCN/2014-15 (A.I.G. of Police(Vigilance) Odisha / Cuttack) QCN/2014-15Home Quotation_Call_Notice.pdf View Details
8723-Dec-2014 09/2014-15.(EE/RWS&S DIVISION/ PHULBANI) 09/2014-15.Rural Development TCN-09.pdf View Details
8812-Dec-2014 07/2014-15.(I.G of Police/ F.S, H.Gs & C.D.) 07/2014-15.Home TCN-07.pdf View Details
8905-Dec-2014 5128/2014-15 (Project Director / OSACS / Bhubaneswar) 5128/2014-15Health & Family Welfare 5128.pdf View Details
9005-Dec-2014 5130/2014-15 (Project Director / OSACS / Bhubaneswar) 5130/2014-15Health & Family Welfare 5130.pdf View Details
9127-Dec-2014 03/2014-15 (Director / Directorate of Employment, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 03/2014-15EMPLOYMENT, TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING Revised EOI.pdf View Details
9209-Dec-2014 03 / 2014-15.(EE / Earth Dam Division / Chitrakonda) 03 / 2014-15.Water Resource NIBF-03.pdf View Details
9316-Dec-2014 07/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Jharsuguda) 07/2014-15Rural Development D.T.C.N. No.07.pdf View Details
9412-Dec-2014 19/2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhubaneswar) (e-Procurement) 19 / 2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-19.pdf View Details
9512-Dec-2014 20 / 2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhubaneswar) (e-Procurement) 20 / 2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-20.pdf View Details
9612-Dec-2014 21 / 2014-15 (SE / P.H.Circle / Bhubaneswar) (e-Procurement) 21 / 2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT-21.pdf View Details
9713-Dec-2014 4ML/2014-15 (PD-cum-CE / PMU,Megalift Projects / Bhubaneswar) 4ML/2014-15Water Resource NIT.pdf View Details
9803-Dec-2014 1709/2014-15(Secretary/OSSSC) 1709/2014-15General Administration addemdum.pdf View Details
9901-Dec-2014 05/2014-15(EE/L.I. DIVISION/ CUTTACK) 05/2014-15..Water Resource NIT.pdf View Details
10001-Dec-2014 06/2014-15(EE/L.I. DIVISION/ CUTTACK) 06/2014-15..Water Resource NIT.pdf View Details
10108-Dec-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / PUBLIC HEALTH DIVISION / ROURKELA) 04/2014-15Housing And Urban Development e-Procurement_Notice-04.pdf View Details
10226-Dec-2014 11/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Phulbani) (e-Procurement) 11/2014-15Rural Development e-Procurement_Notice-11.pdf View Details
10329-Dec-2014 12/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Phulbani) (e-Procurement) 12/2014-15Rural Development e-Procurement_Notice-12.pdf View Details
10410-Dec-2014 04./.2014-15.(EE / RWS&S.Division / Koraput) (e-Procurement) 04/2014-15.Rural Development TCN-04.pdf View Details
10524-Dec-2014 04./.2014-15.(EE / RWS&S.Division / Koraput) (e-Procurement) 10/2014-15.Rural Development TCN-10.pdf View Details
10608-Dec-2014 17/2014-15 (EE / Sundargarh Irrigation Division / Sundargarh) 17/2014-15Water Resource BID-17_1.pdf View Details
10711-Dec-2014 18/2014-15 (EE / Sundargarh Irrigation Division / Sundargarh) 18/2014-15Water Resource BID-18.pdf View Details
10829-Nov-2014 23542/2014-15(Under Secretary/H&UD) 23542/2014-15Housing And Urban Development edpdf_PDF_DEST_L00223_2014_11_23542.pdf View Details
10909-Dec-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / Salandi Canal Division / Bhadrak) 06/2014-15Water Resource BDK-06_ SL.01 _.pdf View Details
11005-Dec-2014 TCN-20649 / 2014-15 (Managing Director / OFDC Ltd. / Bhubaneswar) TCN-20649 / 2014-15 Forest & Environment Tender_Notice.pdf View Details
11110-Dec-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / Angul Irrigation Division / Angul) (e-procurement) 02/2014-15Water Resource IFB-02.pdf View Details
11210-Dec-2014 08/2014-15 (I.G of Police / FIRE SERVICE, HOME GUARDS & CIVIL DEFENCE, ODISHA / Cuttack) 08/2014-15Home TCN-08.pdf View Details
11324-Dec-2014 09/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Baripada) 09/2014-15Rural Development BID-09.pdf View Details
11427-Dec-2014 16/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION, ANGUL / TALCHER) 16/2014-15Rural Development TCN-16.pdf View Details
11511-Dec-2014 11/2014-15 (EE / P.H. DIVISION / KORAPUT) (e-Procurement) 11/2014-15Housing And Urban Development IFB-11.pdf View Details
11619-Dec-2014 13638 / 2014-15 (Chief Electoral Officer, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 13638 / 2014-15Multiple Department Tender_Call_Notice_13638.pdf View Details