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Sl.No.Expiry Date Tender TitleTender Ref.NoDepartment/Organisation Download Tender DocumentView Tender Details
124-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (D.G & I.G. of Police, Odisha, Cuttack)(83-D) 01/2014-15(83-D)Home CORRIGENDUM.pdf View Details
214-Oct-2014 05/2014-15.(EE / RWS&S Division / Phulbani) (e-Procurement) 05/2014-15.Rural Development Notice_No.5_RWS&S Division-Phulbani.pdf View Details
314-Oct-2014 02/2014-15.(EE / RWS&S Division / Rourkela) (e-Tendering) 02/2014-15.Rural Development TCN-02.pdf View Details
414-Oct-2014 01/2014-15(EE / RWS&S Division / Rourkela) (e-Tendering) 01/2014-15Rural Development TCN-01-Sundargarh.pdf View Details
525-Sep-2014 TCN for purchase of Weapon Training Simulator 95-D/2014-15Home BPSPA_2014 15.pdf View Details
610-Oct-2014 02/2014-15 (SE / RWS&S Circle / Koraput ) 02/2014-15Rural Development BID_NO_02.pdf View Details
724-Sep-2014 10/2014-15 (Director / Printing, Stationery & Publication, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) 10/2014-15Commerce & Transport TCN-10.pdf View Details
827-Sep-2014 2348/2014-15 (Deputy Secretary / Information Technology Dept. / Bhubaneswar) 2348/2014-15Information Technology edpdf_PDF_DEST_L00254_2014_9_2348.pdf View Details
928-Oct-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Jagatsinghpur) 06/2014-15Rural Development E-TENDER NOTICE No.06.pdf View Details
1026-Sep-2014 29/2014-15 (EE / P.H. Division-II / Bhubaneswar) 29/2014-15Housing And Urban Development TCN-IFB-29-I&PR.pdf View Details
1114-Oct-2014 952/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 952/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_Wi-Fi LAN_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf View Details
1224-Sep-2014 955/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 955/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_Office Auto_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf View Details
1320-Oct-2014 953/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 953/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_Enterprise GIS RFP_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf View Details
1420-Oct-2014 954/2014-15 (PRINCIPAL CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS / BHUBANESWAR) 954/2014-15Forest & Environment RFP_GAGAN GPS PDAs_Vetted on 20th Aug 2014.pdf View Details
1527-Sep-2014 Tender for lab equipments Agriculture TCN./.2014-15.Agriculture TCN.pdf View Details
1610-Oct-2014 02/2014-15.(SE / RWS&S Circle / Koraput) 02/2014-15.Rural Development BID_NO_02.pdf View Details
1730-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Berhampur) (e-Procurement) 04/2014-15Rural Development NIT-04.pdf View Details
1814-Oct-2014 TCN / 2014-15.(Director / Agriculture & Food Production, Odisha / Bhubaneswar) TCN / 2014-15.Agriculture 2075.pdf View Details
1923-Sep-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / RWSS Division / Malkangiri) 06/2014-15Rural Development 3075.pdf View Details
2029-Sep-2014 03-04/2014-15 (EE / Public Health Division / Keonjhar) 03-04/2014-15Housing And Urban Development TCN-03_04.pdf View Details
2126-Sep-2014 5387/2014-15 (Under Secretary / Commerce&Transport Dept. / Bhubaneswar) 5387/2014-15Commerce & Transport Tender_Notice.pdf View Details
2224-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / Bargarh (R&B) Division / Bargarh) (e-Procurement) 04/2014-15Works TCN-04.pdf View Details
2320-Oct-2014 05/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Rairangpur) 05/2014-15Rural Development TCN Notice-5.pdf View Details
2409-Oct-2014 10/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION, ANGUL / TALCHER) 10/2014-15Rural Development TCN-10.pdf View Details
2525-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division No.IV / Bhubaneswar) (e-Procurement) 04/2014-15Works TCN-04.pdf View Details
2609-Oct-2014 1464/2014-15 (SE / North Eastern Rural Works Circle / Keonjhar) 1464/2014-15Works 1464.pdf View Details
2708-Oct-2014 11/2014-15 (Director / Printing, Stationery and Publication / Cuttack) 11/2014-15Commerce & Transport TCN-11.pdf View Details
2829-Sep-2014 02/2014-15.(EE / RWS&S.Division / Koraput) 02/2014-15.Rural Development TCN-02.pdf View Details
2916-Oct-2014 05/2014-15 (Executive Engineer / Rural Works Division / Boudh) 05/2014-15Rural Development IFB-2302.pdf View Details
3025-Sep-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / M.I Division / Padampur) (e-Procurement) 06/2014-15Water Resource BID-06.pdf View Details
3114-Oct-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Gajapati) 06/2014-15Rural Development TCN- 06.pdf View Details
3226-Sep-2014 01/2014-15 (EE / M.I .Division / Rayagada) (e-Procurement) 01/2014-15Water Resource eTCN 1 14-15.pdf View Details
3310-Oct-2014 05/2014-15 (EE / RURAL WORKS DIVISION-II / KENDRPARA) (e-Procurement) 05/2014-15Rural Development NIT-5.pdf View Details
3424-Oct-2014 11/2014-15(CE,P.H. Division-I, Bhubaneswar) 11/2014-15Housing And Urban Development NIT.pdf View Details
3525-Sep-2014 07/2014-15 (EE / Sambalpur (R&B) Division / Sambalpur) 07/2014-15Works TCN-07.pdf View Details
3624-Sep-2014 01/2014-15.(EE / Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division No. I / Bhubaneswar) 01/2014-15.Works TCN-01.pdf View Details
3730-Sep-2014 15/2014-15 (EE / SUNDRAGARH IRRIGATION DIVISION / SUNDRAGARH) (e-Procurement) 15/2014-15Water Resource SID-15.pdf View Details
3809-Oct-2014 01/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Nayagarh) (e-Procurement) 01/2014-15Rural Development NIT-01_2014-15.pdf View Details
3910-Oct-2014 12/2014-15 (EE / R.W.S.&.S. DIVISION, JAJPUR / CHANDIKHOL) (e-Procurement) 12/2014-15Rural Development e-Tender Notice No-12.pdf View Details
4014-Oct-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / RURAL WORKS DIVISION / KENDRPARA) (e-Procurement) 04/2014-15Rural Development KPD-04.pdf View Details
4122-Oct-2014 02/2014-15 (Deputy Director / R.D.& Q.P.(R&B) / Bhubaneswar) 02/2014-15Works Tender for Vehicle.pdf View Details
4227-Sep-2014 04/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION / KENDRAPARA) 04/2014-15Rural Development NIT_04.pdf View Details
4327-Sep-2014 09-13/2014-15 (EE / PUBLIC HEALTH DIVISION / BERHAMPUR(e-Procurement)) 09-13/2014-15Housing And Urban Development TCN-09-13.pdf View Details
4429-Sep-2014 06/2014-15 (Chairman-cum-MD / ) 06/2014-15Works BID-06.pdf View Details
4509-Oct-2014 31-32/2014-15(EE,P.H. Division-I, Bhubaneswar) 31-32/2014-15Housing And Urban Development TCN No.31.pdf View Details
4613-Oct-2014 08/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S DIVISION, ANGUL / TALCHER) 08/2014-15Rural Development TCN-08.pdf View Details
4730-Sep-2014 03/2014-15.(EE / Rural Works Division / Kendrapara) 03/2014-15.Works IFB-03.pdf View Details
4821-Oct-2014 07/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S Division / Phulbani) (e-Procurement) 07/2014-15Rural Development e-Procurement-07 .pdf View Details
4930-Sep-2014 03/2014-15 (EE / Rural Works Division / Puri) (e-Procurement) 03/2014-15Rural Development DTCN-03.pdf View Details
5026-Sep-2014 06/2014-15 (EE / RWS&S.Division / Koraput) 06/2014-15Rural Development TCN-06.pdf View Details
5127-Sep-2014 12/2014-15 (EE / Telengiri Head Works Division / Ambaguda / Koraput) 12/2014-15Works IFB-12.pdf View Details
5226-Sep-2014 6894/2014-15 (EE / P.H Division - III / Bhubaneswar) 6894/2014-15Housing And Urban Development 6894.pdf View Details
5329-Sep-2014 02/2014-15 (EE / MAYURBHANJ IRRIGATION DIVISION / BARIPADA) 02/2014-15Water Resource Notice.pdf View Details
5430-Sep-2014 TCN for Revenue Officers Training Institute, Gothapatna 27313/2014-15Revenue & Disaster Management Tender_Gothapatna.pdf View Details
5514-Oct-2014 03-06/2014-15 (EE / Jagatsinghpur Irrigation Division / Jagatsinghpur) (e-Procurement) 03-06/2014-15Water Resource JSD-3-6.pdf View Details